Aug. 10, 2022

Human Dimensions - The BLOG

Human Dimensions - The BLOG


Human Dimensions is the new blog for the Eternal Paradigm podcast. 

Having interviewed more than 50 guests for the show it just made sense to add to the offer for guests and more importantly for listeners. 

Why the title Human Dimensions? Because humans are not single dimensional beings. At one point the thinking was that the Earth was flat and that mainstream science believed human brains stopped growing. The stupidity of these ideas just shows us that more is always possible and that non western concepts and ideas were far more connected, with it and in the knowing than the mainstream. Luckily the mainstream, in some aspects, is catching up! 

What is super exciting is that Human Dimensions is an opportunity for those who have been guests to add another dimension to their episode. The Human Dimensions blog also gives a different take on subjects and topics that might not make the podcast episodes. 

Welcome to the other side!