Nov. 17, 2021

Eternal Paradigm - Welcome to Series 4

Eternal Paradigm - Welcome to Series 4
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Welcome to the latest series of Eternal Paradigm.
Human Experience for the Conscious Explorer is the focus of the podcast.  

It's been a year since the podcast started and just like that I am back to introduce new guests and welcome you back. 

A lot has changed and the new logo and artwork is being synced across all of the platforms. 

The stories are compelling and powerful because the guests are normal people making powerful choices. 

I am on my journey and I hope you will let me be a part of yours. 

Host: Urmi Raval 

Urmi RavalProfile Photo

Urmi Raval

Podcast Host

Wellness Activist, Creativity Catalyst & Human Experience Explorer is the host of Eternal Paradigm and a main contributor to the Human Dimensions blog.

Urmi is an RTT Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Coach and an Intuitive Guide committed to bringing ancient spiritual wisdom to enhance the modern understanding of wellness through diversity and creativity.

As a trained journalist with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and an enhanced understanding of human emotions combined with the impact of historical experiences on human health, Urmi is a speaker and trainer on diversity, equity and inclusion, emotional wellbeing, wellness and creativity for groups and businesses.

Urmi is an actively dynamic therapist, guide and owner of a teaching and training platform; and a hypnotherapy and coaching practice. She is also woman in construction dedicated to bringing holistic wellness, energy alignment and flow to healing spaces including homes and healthcare setting.