March 17, 2021

Even using the word spiritual it triggers certain things for certain people - Vicki O

Even using the word spiritual it triggers certain things for certain people - Vicki O
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Retired schoolteacher Vicki Oldani joins me in this incredibly open and honest exploration into her life experiences as she uncovers aspects that had her stuck and what revelations made her unstuck.

Vicki's story touches on many life experiences including her childhood, finding her faith and leaving the family church and her ambitions as a teacher. 

The conversation is touching on many different areas and yet always coming back to moments, deep realisations and key reflections that Vicki has found in her journey of self discovery leading to her spiritual awakening. 

Having spent her life since she was a teenager in the church, Vicki reflects on her learning from being committed to a faith and on the long-lasting relationships that she has made. Now at a different stage in her spiritual journey she shares her ambitions to have conversations with purpose with her neighbours. In her realisations, Vicki also shares the challenging times including abuse and trauma. 

As Vicki enters into an 'enlightening and eye opening time of her life' this episode is really an open conversation where she shares her understanding of where she is at and where she has been while uncovering her lifelong connection to oneness. 

TRIGGER WARNING: The issue of sexual and physical abuse does come up during the episode. 

Guest: Vicki Oldani  
Interviewer and host: Urmi Raval
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko