Jan. 11, 2021

Exploring meditation as a transformative process - Trish the Dish and Anthony Nwaneri

Exploring meditation as a transformative process - Trish the Dish and Anthony Nwaneri
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Welcome to the second episode of the Transformation Series.
This episode is an exploration of meditation as a transformative practice. 

I discovered meditation about 18 years ago and have since had an on and off relationship with it. I practice yogic breathing principles as well as various types of meditative practice to help not only with stress, anxiety and with my life long affliction with depression. But the value has been significant in connecting me to my body and to strengthen my connection to me. 

I am joined by two amazing fellow podcasters who have both got a transformative story to tell. Author and podcast expert Anthony Nwaneri and Trish the Dish, host and creator of the brilliant podcast Gen X Voice joined me on this exploration. 

Anthony started his journey in meditation as a transformative practice in April 2020 and Trish who has a wealth of knowledge and experiences has used meditation for the last 27 years to help her navigate life. 

Meditation has many health benefits that have now been backed up by scientific research. It takes practice, perseverance, forgiveness and a little discipline. You will hear me say medication instead of meditation a few times!

What meditation has allowed me to do has been incredibly helpful to me. You’ll hear more about Trish and Anthony’s experiences too, which are powerful and ultimately these are lived realities. 

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Guests: Trish the Dish & Anthony Nwaneri
Interviewer and host: Urmi Raval 
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko