Jan. 18, 2021

Facing death in so many direct ways. The Curious Human - Atif K

Facing death in so many direct ways. The Curious Human - Atif K
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In life we’re “schooled” into believing that you find your path and you stick to it. But that’s not true. You know that, as much as I do. You are not just one aspect or one avatar in life and how you explore all of these different avenues or manifestations should be done with a huge level of curiosity!

My guest in this episode is a seriously curious soul. Legacy and authenticity are so important to him. I am delighted to be joined by Atif Khan. 
He transformed his mindset and his physical self and has gone from being overweight to becoming a fitness model.  In this powerful transformation conversation, Atif shares that moment when tragedy struck. The depth of the pain where he served a year in prison for a driving offence that resulted in the unfortunate and untimely death of his best friend. 

He opens up about this experience and how he has learned to use the learning from this difficult time for deep reflection, personal growth and to improve his life. From the darkness, there comes light and Atif’s dedication to his friend is a beacon of that light.  

Facing death in so many direct ways has really made Atif think clearly about what he wants to be remembered for and what his life's legacy is going to be. 

Guest: Atif Khan 
Interviewer and host: Urmi Raval 
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko