Feb. 24, 2021

Movement heals - Pilates teacher Liesl W

Movement heals - Pilates teacher Liesl W
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Pilates teacher Liesl Watt joins me in this episode to share her story. 

Liesl is a weekly staple in our household and I really wanted to share the immense value that she has brought to my life and to my connection with my body through her excellent classes all because of her commitment, experience and knowledge of Pilates.

Her passion for the human body and its abilities shows through and she even believes that each time she learns about the body her respect for it increases as it is the most incredible resource that is highly intelligent, highly adaptable and it heals itself.

Liesl keeps her classes packed with new, refreshed and updated variations of Pilates and that means that as she learns different moves, so do we!

Over the years Liesl has understood how much she herself loves to learn to keep her mind stimulated always making her teaching style and classes interesting and diverse.

Speaking about the challenges that lockdown has thrown upon us she adds, "I’m missing not being able to teach some of my matwork clients who were not able to move over to Zoom and I miss teaching my private clients in my home studio.

"I do worry about how their bodies are faring during this eternal lockdown and so I have recorded so far over 60 YouTube videos that people can watch at their leisure to at least try to keep their bodies moving and in good shape until we can resume. Movement heals."
Listen to Liesl sharing her personal story of overcoming scoliosis, a curvature of the spine and how Pilates has helped her recovery, how we can help ourselves as we work from home and we talk about how she transitioned over from being a social worker to a full time Pilates teacher. 

Join a Pilates class today -For more information about group matwork classes and private sessions, please see  theProtea Pilates website, find Liesl onFacebook,InstagramandYoutube

Guest: Liesl Watt
Interviewer and host: Urmi Raval
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko