May 26, 2021

Music is my healing modality - Jennifer E

Music is my healing modality - Jennifer E
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In this superbly brilliant episode of the Creativity Series, I am joined by Jennifer Edouard who is a Patient Coordinator , Curator , Podcaster and Healer. 

Releasing on this auspicious day of the full moon, the conversation you'll be hearing was recorded in February on a full moon. 

The moon plays such a vital part of our lives as humans, some of us are aware of the importance of the cyclical patter and others are not so aware of the connection. The moon also plays a vital part in how we connect to and enter into a creative flow state. 

For music lover Jennifer, it plays such a vital part in her world and in this episode we touch briefly into her musical passion but we explore her spiritual exploration, mental health challenges and the connection to her true self especially during a battle with heroin and opiate addiction. 

Guest: Jennifer Edouard 
Host: Urmi Raval 
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko