Dec. 23, 2020

Reflections 2020. The year I showed up for me after a lifetime of being lost - Urmi R

Reflections 2020. The year I showed up for me after a lifetime of being lost - Urmi R
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"At the time I was incredibly disconnected. Not only from myself and what was my life but also from where life had taken me to. I was a passenger on a boat out at sea. There was no direction..." U Raval

It's just me in this episode. I would love for you to join me so grab a quick coffee, tea or a beverage of your choice while I tell you what's been happening for me this year. Bring your notebook and be ready to jot down your thoughts. It would be even better if you got in touch with me to share your 2020 journey.

This has been a year of self exploration and has resulted in so many changes. But these haven't been on the outside. The changes have been deep within and at the start of this year I put a call out to myself.

The most phenomenal thing happened, I showed up for me. Have you ever thought about what showing up for yourself truly looks and feels like?

Listen to this episode to find out how my search for Connection, Calm, Spiritual Growth , Creativity and Transformationhas taken me on a new journey. 

What's in store for 2021? Next year will be packed with many new and exciting stories and experiences from the heroes who live and walk among us. 

And with this in mind, 2021 is the launch of the Transformation Series with topics and experiences lined up where you will hear from some of the most powerful individuals whose experiences will awaken your eternal paradigm. 

There are also Facebook and Instagram Live events planned for some helpful actionable tips changing and improving your life through the conscious choices that you make. More details on this will be shared on social platforms so make sure you’ve connected with me on Facebook and Instagram. 

Throughout next year I will also be bringing you conversations with some inspiring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people who are living conscious values in business and society. About a year ago I set up my own ventures and this has been a significant time for addressing and readdressing the level of heart there truly is in business. More to come on this so keep an eye out!

And I am really pleased to announce that I am planning a series on the Conscious Creativity. Creativity as a lived experience is so powerful and at this point in our human existence this is such an important energy to connect with. This will be an exploration of creative individual stories but remember creativity is not just art or poetry. Creativity is a lived experience. 

Remember to like, share and subscribe. Join me on socials at Facebook and Instagram. Let's join together to share our goals and discover what the possibilities are because there are many. 

Host: Urmi Raval 
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko     

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Urmi Raval

Podcast Host

Wellness Activist, Creativity Catalyst & Human Experience Explorer is the host of Eternal Paradigm and a main contributor to the Human Dimensions blog.

Urmi is an RTT Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Coach and an Intuitive Guide committed to bringing ancient spiritual wisdom to enhance the modern understanding of wellness through diversity and creativity.

As a trained journalist with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and an enhanced understanding of human emotions combined with the impact of historical experiences on human health, Urmi is a speaker and trainer on diversity, equity and inclusion, emotional wellbeing, wellness and creativity for groups and businesses.

Urmi is an actively dynamic therapist, guide and owner of a teaching and training platform; and a hypnotherapy and coaching practice. She is also woman in construction dedicated to bringing holistic wellness, energy alignment and flow to healing spaces including homes and healthcare setting.