Feb. 3, 2021

Stories of travel, staying fit, parenting and there's a bit of a love story too...the Potts family

Stories of travel, staying fit, parenting and there's a bit of a love story too...the Potts family
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On the topic of travel, as we are all staying put and unable to get around as we once usually would have, in this episode I am joined by the Potts family from Leeds. 

I thought it would be nice explore the Potts family’s travel bug, where it comes from and learn about their time living in Perth, Australia and what they did while there. 

Adventures are fun at the best of times and I love the sound of a good old family adventure! 

What is absolutely clear currently is that we, well not all of us, but most of us don’t have the quick and easy pleasure of travelling like we used to. 

Even though it’s not ideal as we’re so used to living in a world where everything is so close by I do feel and hope that there are significant benefits to staying put as it reduces aviation pollution levels and lets the earth have a breather. 

So while we do our bit to observe, or not to observe lockdown, the one thing we can definitely do is to think back, reminisce and remind ourselves of all the memories we’ve made while travelling. 

In this conversation I ask the Potts family many questions and now on reflection I know there were so many things I’d like to ask! We talk about living abroad, itchy feet and travelling, being sporty and fit, the ups and downs of moving and living abroad and what they all learned about themselves and each other. What also started being uncovered is a bit of a love story. 

Now, I am a sucker for a good love story! 

It’s a story of connection between two people which transcends culture, background and race. But the lived reality shines a light on the darker side of the lack of acceptance. 

It becomes apparent when hearing my guests, that not everyone really sees the value of each of us as humans.  The limitations of our belief systems means that there are still many hangups about cross cultural relationships and even though now things might be changing there is still headway to be made. 

I am sure you will enjoy hearing the Potts family. Remember to leave your feedback, reviews and suggestions on social media posts and on podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts. You can share social media posts and episodes with friends and family who you think would enjoy listening to this podcast. 

Enjoy this episode!  

Guests: Grant Potts, Trupti Acharya - Potts, Mya Potts and Jay Potts. 
Interviewer and host: Urmi Raval 
Sound Editor: Maja Pronko