Sept. 16, 2020

Welcome to Eternal Paradigm - what is this podcast about?

Welcome to Eternal Paradigm - what is this podcast about?

Eternal Paradigm podcast aims to uncover the reality of human experiences by exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Through conversations with guests, personal insights and observations, I intend to ask questions on what has made us become who we believe we are? And what lived experiences have brought us to today? 

Ultimately, I am asking participants and contributors - have you become who you really are?  What does that mean to you? What has your journey been like? By sharing personal stories that show the world through a microscopic internal lens, Eternal Paradigm aims to share the power of human experience that is filled with so many colours while a human lifespan is nothing but a blink in this vast universe.  

The podcast content and conversations are deep, funny and sometimes incredibly uncomfortable. But the stories are real lived experiences that makes them powerful and compelling. 

My name is Urmi and I am obsessed with the human condition. Join me on this journey and be ready to ask yourself some big questions.  

Essentially this podcast is spiritually guided as I believe we are all intrinsically and ultimately connected and are here to serve a higher purpose. This is as much a personal spiritual exploration as well as a platform to show how powerful each and everyone of my guests are.